TPWX2GD Series ATEX Hazardous Area Pallet Truck Scale

TPWX2GD Series ATEX Hazardous Area Pallet Truck Scale View larger
TPWX2GD Series ATEX Hazardous Area Pallet Truck Scale
  • Hazardous Area Pallet Truck Scale
  • Safe for Zones 1, 2, 21 & 22
  • IP68 Sealed
  • Up to 2500Kg Capacity
  • Swivelling Display
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Capacity & Increment

The capacity and divisions of the scale

CE-M Trade Approval

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Pallet truck scales, with built-in electronic weighing, for dangerous areas classified as hazardous (ZONES 1 and 21 & 2 and 22) in accordance with Ex II 2GD IIB T4 T197°C X.

The Atex certified four load cell weight detection IP68 guarantees the best accuracy in all work conditions.
Available also CE-M APPROVED


  • Maximum lifting capacity: 2500 kg (with TPWX2GD25 model).
  • Triple ranging capacity/increments
    • 2000Kg Model goes to 500Kg in 0.2Kg increments, then to 1000Kg in 0.5Kg increments, then to 2000Kg in 1Kg increments
    • 2500Kg Model goes to 600Kg in 0.2Kg increments, then to 1500Kg in 0.5Kg increments, then to 2500Kg  in 1Kg increments
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.05% of the maximum capacity.
  • Fork dimensions 1150 x 550 x 85 mm.
  • Weighs about 125 kg.
  • Bearing structure in extra thick sheet steel and oven-fire painted interior construction.
  • Standard fitted swivelling column head.
  • Steering wheels and double loading rollers with a polyurethane coating.
  • Atex certified, 4 stainless steel IP68 shear-beam load cells.
  • Indicator with easy to clean satined stainless steel case with IP68 enclosure built to withstand humid and dusty environments; large LCD display 25-mm high contrast digits which are clearly visible even in poor lighting conditions; 17-key numerical/functional membrane waterproof keyboard.
  • Calibration and Set-Up parameters configurable from keyboard.
  • Power supply through extractable battery, rechargeable in safe zone.
  • 150-hour approximate operating time.
  • Equipped with 230Vac 50 Hz battery charger to be recharged in a safe area.
  • Optional Stainless Steel Forks & Anti-Static Steer Wheels


  • Zeroing, Tare
  • High Resolution Weighing x 10
  • Net/Gross or lb/kg conversion
  • Weighs accumulation
  • Formulation
  • Counting
  • Hold


  • 680 mm fork width.
  • Special fork length from 850 to 1500 mm.
  • Special capacity e/o divisions.
  • High resolution.


Trade Approved
TPWX2GD20-1 500/1000/2000 0,2/0,5/1 --
TPWX2GD20M-1 Trade Approved 1000/2000 -- 0,5/1
TPWX2GD25-1 600/1500/2500 0,2/0,5/1 --
TPWX2GD25M-1 Trade Approved 1500/2500 -- 0,5/1

Capacity 500Kg / 1000Kg / 2000Kg OR 600Kg / 1500Kg / 2500Kg
Weight 125Kg
Increment 0.2Kg / 0.5Kg / 1Kg
Platform Size 550mm x 1150mm
Rechargeable Battery Yes
Communications Port Yes
Load Cells 4 x Shear-Beam IP68 load cells
Battery Life 40 Hours
Trade Approved Optional
IP Rating IP68
Fork Length 1150mm
Fork Width 180mm
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