Product Financing Options from Total Weighing Solutions

Lease Vs BuyProduct Leasing Options

Total Weighing Solutions can offer options on product financing that are flexible and come with many benefits.

Our leasing options are available on purchases over £1000 in value.

Benefits include:

Pay as you Earn

Leasing your equipment means you can enjoy the profits the equipment provides without having to find the full sum up front.

Cash Flow

Using Leasing protects your cash flow.

Tax Deductible

Lease rental payments are 100% deductible against profits.

Best Product

You have the access to a higher standard of equipment which may be too expensive to buy outright.

Fixed Payments

Lease rental payments are fixed which makes budgeting easier.

Easy Upgrades

For a simple adjustment to your payments you can upgrade your equipment during your lease, should you need to add or upgrade any specification.

Protect Existing Credit Lines

Using leasing allows you to protect existing lines of credit such as loans and overdrafts from your bank.

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