Buy With Confidence from Total Weighing Solutions

Trading Standards Approved

Trading Standards ApprovedTotal Weighing Solutions are pleased to say that we are part of the Northamptonshire County Council’s “Buy With Confidence” scheme.

This scheme has been set up by the Trading Standards to give consumers and other businesses a selection of companies that have been independently vetted and approved by the county council.  We, along with other members, are continually monitored by a Trading Standards Officer to ensure compliance at all levels of trade, at all times.

Note: Whilst our company can be classed as being Trading Standards Approved, it does not infer that a particular product is.  Only certain products shown on the website, where specified, are legal to trade by.  Please ensure you purchase the correct product for your application.  If you are in any doubt always call us (01327 368020) or email (, or speak to your local trading standards office for clarification and assistance.