M-610 Portable Wheelchair Weigh Beams

M-610 Portable Wheelchair Weigh Beams
  • Portable wheelchair weigh beams
  • High capacity and accuracy
  • Lightweight design for greater portability
  • Tare Function
  • BMI Function
Product Options
Bluetooth Connectivity

Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth

The M-610 weighbeams are made from a lightweight construction, with a gentle incline on the ramps to enable ease of use. The ramp ends fold in so that the nurse or community health visitor can easily pack them into a smart, durable carry case. The overall dimensions of the scale accommodate most designs of wheelchair.

The scale has a Tare or pre-set Tare so that the weight of the wheelchair is deducted before weighing the patient. The scale weighs up to 300kg in 100g increments and has a rechargeable battery offering over 40 hours of continuous use.

The low cost combined with the product features and use in the community makes this UK's number one selling wheelchair scale.


  • Capacity 300kg
  • Graduations 100g
  • Beam dimensions 1200mm(l) x 150mm(w) x 95mm(h)
  • Adaptor (supplied) 3pin tip +ve 12V 2A adaptor for DP-3810
  • Weight of each beam 8.5kg


  • Two portable weigh beams
  • Lightweight and portable for use in the community
  • Tare to deduct weight of the wheelchair
  • Easy storage
  • Optional carry case
Capacity 300Kg
Weight 8.5Kg per beam
Increment 100g
Platform Size 1200mm(l) x 150mm(w) x 95mm(h)
Rechargeable Battery Yes
Communications Port Yes
Trade Approved Yes
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