Scale Hire at Total Weighing Solutions

Scale Hire Service

Scale HireTotal Weighing Solutions are able to offer a comprehensive weigh scale hire service from its own stock.  Ideal for situations such as companies requiring scales for an annual stock take but no need for them the rest of the year.  Why pay for new scales that will sit dormant for 11 months of a year when you can hire them at a fraction of the cost?

We charge a minimum of a weeks hire.  Longer term hiring can be priced up if required.  Please call 01327 368020 for details.


Counting Scales and Bench Scales - £35 per week

Pallet Truck Scales - £95 per week

Weigh Beams - £95 per week

Crane Scales (9000Kg Capacity or Less) - £95 per week

Crane Scales (10000Kg Capacity or More) - £195 per week

Pallet Platforms - £120 per week

Axle Pads (1 Pair including Indicator) - £195 per week

Other options available


Who pays for the carriage costs?  Entirely up to you.  You can use your own courier to pick up and drop back off with us, or we can use our own at normal costs.  This is £7.95 for smaller boxes, £28 for pallet truck scales or £46 for any palletised goods each way.

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