ASB Series Price Computing Retail Scale

  • Dual range Trade Approved price computing scale
  • Available with column mounted customer display
  • Can be connected to a printer for amount totalisation function.
  • 10 item PLU memory
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A nicely designed price computing retail scale, suitable for any busy shop or market stall.

The three backlit displays are mirrored on both sides (operator and customer) for giving accurate weight and price information at all times.

A large 230mm x 300mm platform provides a nice level surface for items to be weighed and can come complete with the optional column mounted remote display, suitable for applications where customer facing display would otherwise be hidden.


  • 3 backlit LCD displays on keypad on operator side and 3 backlit LCD displays on revolving column on customer side, with digits 20mm high, for simultaneous indication of weight, price and amount.
  • Membrane numeric and functional keypad with 20 keys and acoustic feedback.
  • Stainless steel plate, 230x300mm size.
  • Spirit level and adjustable feet.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery (about 70h battery life) and 230 Vac power adapter.
  • RS232/C port for connection to printer.
  • Overall height from ground with indicator and column (P Version): 530mm.


  • price computing
  • change of unit price: ¬£/kg – ¬£/100g
  • entry of unit price
  • amount totalisation (with optional printer)
  • calculation of customer¬†change
  • 10 item PLU memories
  • zeroing
  • zero tracking
  • semi-automatic tare
  • auto switch-off
  • backlight command
  • low battery warning

Additional information

Weight 6 kg


Dual Range Capacity

, ,

CE-M Trade Approval


PLU Memory Size

Platform Size

Rechargeable Battery

Communications Port

Pole Display





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