Scale Design & Supply

Our engineers and technicians have the capability to design and build weighing scales to fit your application.  When an off the shelf solution isn’t suitable we will sit with you and design something that meets your requirements.

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Innovation and Research

We work with clients from all industrial sectors seeking solutions to their weighing requirements
Optimize Operations
Improve productivity
Reduce operational waste
Improve resource utilisation

Our Solutions

Our design engineers will work with you to come up with an effective weigh scale to fit your requirements whilst providing repeatable and accurate results.

Great Technology

We use the latest technology to make sure your scale is future proof

Delivery On Time

We make every effort to fit your own schedules

Trained Engineers

Our design engineers are fully trained in all aspects of weighing equipment

Quality Parts

We use the highest quality items to make sure the best results are obtained every time.

Work Process

Most commonly, a company will approach us with a specific requirement.  We work with the customer to find the right solution for them.  Drawings and specifications are provided to make sure all aspects are catered for.

When we have received the go-ahead the work commences with a time schedule provided

At this point we will build everything to your requirements, following drawings and specifications

Delivery and installation is provided along with product training.

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