Tesco withdraws 66,000 own-brand garlic breads for being underweight

Garlic Bread

In October 2015, Tesco was asked to remove 66,000 own brand garlic breads after discovering the declared net weight on the side of the packaging to be falsely claiming them to be higher than they actually are.

Out of all the 290g packets tested by Trading Standards officers during 2 visits to one store, they discovered that 39 of them were severely under the stated weight, one of them being under the 230g mark… some 20% less than what it should be.

As consumers we are protected by the weights and measures regulations which state to the company packaging a product that declared weights have to be accurate and truthful.  The scales used in the packaging process have to be verified and legal to trade with.  Something that Trading Standards will pull you up on, no matter what size business you are.

In this instance, Trading Standards were pleased that Tesco acted in a swift manner to remove the product from the shelves, and it would seem that Bakkavör Foods, the product manufacturer for garlic bread for Tesco, have now rectified the issue and put in place measures to avoid this happening again in the future.